Neighborhood Issues Committee meeting agenda for Wednesday, April 18

Neighborhood Issues Committee Agenda
Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 7 pm
Williams Hall, Barlow Hospital, 2000 Stadium Way

  1. Introductions and sign in
  2. Approve Minutes
  3. Schools:
    1. Van De Kamps/LACC-LACCD
    2. New Items
  4. Land Use:
    1. Barlow Hospital-Proposed Entitlements and Development
    2. Morton Village complex
    3. Filming Committee
    4. SB1818 Letter
    5. Sale of Lot 6 – El Centro del Pueblo
    6. Semi Tropical Spiritualist Tract Monitoring Status
    7. Lot adjacent to Laguna Stairs
    8. Save-A-Lot Vacancy
    9. East Sunset Clean up and Sunset tree planting, tentative March 31st
    10. Clifford Street Small Lot Subdivision project
    11. Echo36 Project
    12. New Business
      1. 2022-40 Vestal Small Lot Subdivision Project – Casey Lynch presenting
      2. 1363 and 1330 Douglas Street 7- and 10-unit SLSD – Jennifer Chirco and David French presenting
  5. Parks:
    1. Echo Park Lake Restoration Project
    2. Elysian Park: Hi Speed Rail Alternative route may go under Elysian Park
    3. Elysian Reservoir
    4. Avenue of the Palms
    5. New business
  6. Public Works:
    1. Route 2 Terminus Improvement Project
    2. Mural Projects – EPIA Committee?
    3. Dodgers issues
    4. New Business
  7. Policies, Procedures, & Administrative
    1. Standing Rules, Membership Dues.
    2. Friends of Elysian
    3. Should we establish a quorum
    4. New Business
  8. NIC as Outreach Tool – Should we have meetings at other locations?
  9. Newsletter/Web Page
  10. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
  11. Future Agendas Items
  12. Next Meeting Standing
  13. Adjourn

Residents opposing Avalon St. project asking for help

Residents surrounding a proposed development on the corner of Avalon Street and Echo Park Avenue are asking for help to oppose the project. They are currently collecting signatures and are asking those who share their opposition to contact the City of LA. If you are interested, click here to download the flyer to learn about why these residents oppose the project, and for more information about how to submit your concerns to the city.

They suggest you send your letters or emails for public file to the attention of:

Sarah Molina-Pearson (City Planning)
200 N. Spring St. City Hall, Rm. 721
Los Angeles 90012 213-473-9983

and Katherine Hennigan (Planning Deputy, District 13):

If you would like to contact the residents who have organized against the development on Avalon, you can contact them at