Dodgers Postseason schedule, traffic and safety information

Dodgers Postseason

We attended a community meeting on Thursday, October 2 on the Dodgers postseason plans for traffic abatement and public safety in Echo Park and surrounding communities. While there wasn’t a lot of new news, they did present the postseason schedule, plans for ingress and egress traffic along with LADOT placement as well as LAPD deployment plans.

The first Postseason game is TODAY, Friday, October 3 at 3:37 pm at Dodger Stadium.

Some important items of consideration for today’s game and what we can expect for the postseason:

  • There will be increased LAPD deployment on Sargent and Scott Avenue as well as Echo Park and Scott Avenue
  • The Dodgers are planning on organizing a drop-off location for Uber/Lyft and other rideshare services (unsure of where that will be at this time)
  • There will be 243 LAPD in and outside of the stadium (including 20 motorcycle police, 25 on bicycles and the remaining black and white cars) and 40 undercovers


The presentation by the Dodgers can be downloaded here – it includes the slideshow presentation and the color maps indicating ingress and egress routes along with DOT locations and the postseason schedule.


Important phone numbers:

Northeast Los Angeles Senior Lead Officer Gina Chovan: 213-793-0760
LADOT Aram Sahakian: 213-216-6210
DOT Command Center: 818-374-4823
DOT Chief Greg Savelli: 213-972-8426
Dodgers Communications Manager Oscar Delgado: 323-224-1443