Updates from the Central City Action Committee

by Gloria Sohaki

My gosh, summer is over. It seems this past year has gone by quickly and the kids are getting older and I am too. We made it through the summer. All the money we use for program activities is made through our rummage sales. We have a core group of about six kids who are all in high school. There are a few more who have moved on to community college but still come in when we need them for an event. There are for girls who try to come in and help me with chores in the office, and we manage to pay them money for their efforts. Don’t know what I would do without their help – thank you Itzel, Patty, Kimberlin and Jennifer.

Starting in July, thanks to a grant from Councilman Eric Garcetti, Maryanne managed to schedule the kids to remove graffiti for the UN-TAG program. For their efforts a stipend was given to them each month. The kids use the money to buy clothes, phones, shoes and other incidentals they might need.

Along with working and volunteering, CCAC has managed to take the kids to the movies a few times. I took them to Hansen Dam (my favorite place) where we spent a wonderful time in the water.