Central City Action Committee updates

by Gloria Sohacki

The Chinatown 10K run was a huge success – I think there were over 6,000 runners. That is a lot of water to pass out to the runners, so all of our kids helped as well as some of our good friends from the neighborhood.

There are two runs: a 5K and a 10K. I was at the 5K and was astonished at how our kids do not need any prodding to get them started, but I’m the one who overslept. Because of the temperature we did not need as much water this year, although we really worked hard that day. After the race, we went to a luncheon in Chinatown at the Dragon Inn – a good time was had by all of us.

This year we are seeing some changes at the office. I will only be working part time and Sam will not be working except for special events. He will come back for spring vacation to take the kids hiking and maybe a few other activities. Our kids are busy. They are engaged in school sports, ROTC, and soccer.

Maryanne will pay the kids to work during the break so they have some money in their pockets. Don’t worry – the graffiti program will still be operating as usual. Notes to our fellow constituents—please use the 311 system to report your graffiti removal requests.

While we love everyone in the neighborhood, just because you know us does not mean your request will be done faster. The City 311 requests are always completed before any other requests.

Rummage sales are an important part of our life at CCAC. The kids who are off track plan what they want to do and set a goal for the money needed. In only two days, a group of kids can make enough money to go to Six Flags, Knott’s, movies, and eating at Hometown buffet.

Spring is noted for being a time to clean out your closets, if you find some things you believe we could sell, please drop them off or give us a call to come and get them. There is a lot of foot traffic in front of the station so it enables us to make money. We even have regular customers. They keep coming back. We have great sales!