Echo Park Neighborhood Council candidate statements & discussion

On Thursday, April 7 the EPIA held a Forum for the community where the Echo Park Neighborhood Council candidates were invited to introduce themselves to community voters. That meeting lasted less than 30 minutes before the EPIA president decided to end the forum as a group of demonstrators drowned out those who were attempting to deliver their candidate statements.

The EPIA has historically held this forum for many local elections. The community deserves to know who they are voting for and why – this is now that opportunity. 

Use the comments area at the bottom of the page to ask your questions. If your question is for a specific candidate, please be sure to begin your comment by addressing the name of that candidate. Candidates have been invited to answer questions on this forum, but are not required to participate as this is a voluntary forum hosted solely by the EPIA. Statements have been pulled from the City Clerk website or provided by the candidates directly.

All comments will be moderated. Any attempt to thwart the discussion in a negative of unproductive manner will result in a permanent ban from commenting.